FISHNET FOLLIES CLASSIC BURLESQUE REVUE celebrates the golden years of classic Hollywood glamour and Las Vegas showgirl sparkle on the burlesque stage. Our shows feature a wide variety of the most beautiful and talented burlesque/variety performance artists in all its various forms, from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Classic. With a modern, narrative twist.




Fishnet Follies School of Classic Burlesque has been awarded “Best School for Showgirls by East Bay Express & Diablo Magazine’s “Best of the East Bay”! Fishnet Follies classes have 5-star ratings on Yelp!
IMG_2106.JPG Thank you Mynx!! Fishnet Follies is such an awesome concept & I appreciate the classes you offer. Even in just the last 4 weeks I’ve noticed my confidence has grown & I feel, overall, just more sexy!! I know that I will continue to use the skills I learned in class.. & although at times I felt out of my comfort zone, this 4 week class was just what I needed – to help me tap my sultry side! (My boyfriend thanks you too!!!)  Many thanks & much love ~ Na’Elle 6/27/12
by Na'Elle
“I love taking private lessons from Mynx D’Meanor. She is very observant and has a good eye for finding areas deserving improvement or just additional attention. She effectively works within your act idea, choreographic style, and act intentions. As such, recommendations and improvements are done within the style and parameters set by you. She excels at problem solving, transitions, and improving choppy or uncertain areas to create better act flow and more clear intentions. Taking an act to her is like taking a well-written story to a great editor. Her tweaks, edits, and guidance just serve to make it all the better.” – Red Velvet
by Red Velvet
Mynx D’Meanor was my Burlesque teacher for about 4 years now and has managed to push me into achieving quite some skill (or so I’d like to think) and impressive achievements. She had me performing solo with quality and fantastic audience feedback in less than half a year after starting to teach me. And it took her only three years to get me from no-dance-or-anything-experience-at-all to performing at Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in the main competition, thereby winning the title “Best Boylesque” a.k.a. “King of Boylesque”. Mynx has vast experience in her craft, can teach all genders and uses a very subtle way of nudging you in the right direction. She can be very strict but usually makes learning and working with her great fun and definitely a very valuable and often transformative experience. I can’t thank her enough for how she has transformed me and I think the fabulous crop of ladies (and gents) she brought to stages all around the world now speaks for itself. – Harden Reddy
by Harden Reddy
I love the instructor, Mynx d’Meanor. She really puts you at ease and makes the whole experience so much fun. It was great to let my hair down and tap into my sensual side. I would definitely recommend to Fishnet Follies to anyone interested in learning more about Burlesque. – Living Social coupon purchaser
via Living Social
So, I open my phone Sunday morning, half asleep on the couch. Scrolling through instagram while having some coffee and trying not to let my daughter flush anything down the toilet when I scroll past an image from one of the Follies at BHoF and HOLY SHIT FRANKIE IS MISS EXOTIC WORLD. I literally didn’t know what to do with myself, I was screaming to my husband across the house and sending pics to Tex / Bubbles / anyone who would listen.
I was (and am) so proud of her and her hard work. I remembered seeing her blow us all away at her first student showcase, and I remember looking over at you flabbergasted and you nodding like, “I know, right?”. And I thought about how proud I am of you, and how hard you have worked to create the launching pad for both a King and Queen of Burlesque. Yes, some people have incredible natural talent (I mean… Frankie’s artistic eye is uniquely beautiful), and yes people don’t reach that level without a ton of personal hard work. But mentorship and encouragement play a huge part, especially at the beginning.
And then I thought of the BHoFs that I have attended. I had been surprised that even though we had a big scene that I loved, I didn’t feel like the Bay Area was as represented at that level as Seattle and New York. When I first met you, you talked about wanting to elevate the art form in the Bay Area, and Mynx… you. fucking. did. 
You didn’t just give a bunch of people a new hobby / passion (I mean, you have also done this… I am in a ballet intensive right now as part of my hashtag dance journey and it’s a direct line from that first FF class I ever took). You didn’t just create an awesome community from which lifelong friendships have sprung, though you have also done this. You have elevated your city and the art form you have dedicated yourself to in a real, tangible way and it’s pretty fucking badass. So, I hope you let yourself feel some of this. 
by June St. Croix
Pint-sized performer and Fishnet Follies leader Mynx d’Meanor keeps things fun with her goofy sense of humor and easy directions. Don’t let her size fool you: This petite woman is a fiery, sensual vixen, well schooled in the art of the tease… – Diablo Magazine
via Diablo Magazine
HIGHLIGHT: the burlesque dancers of Fishnet Follies! Please tell me you didn’t miss this striptease… on a boat… for a Yelp event! These ladies (and one gentleman) were amazing. – Alice T, Yelp
via Yelp
Mynx D’Meanor is an embodiment of classic burlesque strip tease. A true artist. I was amazed by the subtle and graceful finesse with which Mynx executed every movement – whether dancing, showing a little leg, or removing a garment. She’s a great model and teacher of the burlesque arts and I can’t wait to take more classes from her. – Gail Olson, student (San Diego)
by Gail Olson
I had Mynx DeMeanor and 2 of her dancers come and perform for my 40th birthday party.  I specifically asked for traditional Fosse style numbers and they performed them with perfection!  I would highly recommend her for any party where you want a burlesque show.  Really good value for the money. – C.H., Yelp    
via Yelp
‘If you want to start loving your body, teach it to move in ways you never thought it could…’ There’s no denying how much I’ve always *loved* to dance, but jumping way outside my comfort zone & taking the solo series with #fishnetfollies did SO much more than just teach me a style/genre of dance. It made me get to know my body, my rhythm… which (once I got the giggles out 😂) gave me a new kind of strength and confidence that truly makes me feel sexy and empowered in my skin. The icing is having the new creative outlet… choreography, costuming & rhinestoning, oh my! And the big, juicy cherry atop all this, without hesitation, is the AMAZING community I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of! So all you ladies (and now gents) who have thought and/or said to me all the things (that are exactly what I thought/said for years), I’m here to save you some time. Stop overthinking it! I assure you there will be something positive, and likely amazing, to experience from giving it a try! xoxo Reyna del Camino P.S. If you’re held back by the fear of performing publicly… STAAAHP! It’s not a requirement… but, you might surprise yourself! 😉
by Reyna del Camino


Learn the sultry, sassy art of classic burlesque striptease in a fun and friendly environment! Open to people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, 18 years and older. No prior dance experience necessary!



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