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Have you met… Rebel Rouge? Reyna Del Camino?


One’s a beer-swilling, fashion-designing, former ballerina. One’s a, well, beer-swilling, cake-making, event-planning biker chick. Both unbelievably sweet and dedicated members of our Troupe. You’ll most definitely see a lot more of them in the months to come!   
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…


Rebel – This talented beauty is the epitome of style and grace, and she’s kick-ass costume maker (did you see those chaps?!!). As a former dance instructor, she’s great at explaining and is generously willing to help her fellow troupe members by answering annoying questions (mostly mine…thank you!), giving pointers and demos. Rebel is also always good for a laugh and does a mean Conan-esque jig. She’s a fantastic addition to the FFamily! – Marlena Merlot

Reyna – Our very own biker babe, Reyna is a total badass. I mean, she has an engine tattooed on her arm…. Queen of the road and multitasking, this sassy vixen juggles a million things at a time, demanding work and rehearsal schedules, busting out elaborate wedding cakes, educating unsuspecting menfolk…and she’s great at it all! – Marlena Merlot

Reyna – My glitter sister from day one! Not only is she the Queen of the road, she’s also the queen of red lips and a good time. She has always been an amazing source of support, advice, sass, sparkle, and silly selfies. Love you, girl! – Wendy Wabbit
Rebel – I don’t think I’ve ever met another person that I can geek out about fabric trim with before. From merch tables to sewing machines, Rebel is delightfully fun, passionate, and inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what beautiful things she makes next! – Wendy Wabbit
Reyna – A pleasure to be around, talented and lovely her laughter is contagious! – Annie Savoy
Rebel is not only a seriously classy and sultry showgirl, she is also an amazingly sweet and down-to-earth human being. <3 – Adora Blitz

Have you met… Dorian Dietrich? Wendy Wabbit?


This month, we thought we’d highlight two of our newest members who have quickly proven themselves invaluable to our troupe. We know you’ve seen them plenty around on and off stage, and they never get lost in the crowd– just look up! They’re our “Tall-ies”!
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…


Behind the scenes… Left: Wendy Wabbit / Right: Dorian Dietrich


When I saw Dorian perform her solo debut, I knew immediately that she’d take the bay area burlesque scene by storm, and she has gone on to prove me right. She’s come so far in such a short amount of time,  developing so many great acts (some of which that showcase her incredible singing talent as well!) and branching out to perform at shows all around the bay. I am so excited to see her career continue to blossom, and I’m grateful to have made a new and fabulous best friend this year!  – Maggie Motorboat

When I first met Wendy, she spoke to me like she knew me my entire life. Open and welcoming, sweet, goofy, funny, sexy and sassy, all rolled into one adorable Wabbit! – Teaspoon Tilly

Wendy Wabbit is Wonderful. She stage manages with ease and her solo is super sexy smolder. I can’t wait to see more from her! – Scarlett Peele


Wendy Wabbit is a certified badass. As a stage manager,  she runs a very tight ship, and it is a complete joy to work with her! To top it off, she’s an incredibly talented performer. Those two things are not easy to balance, but she sure makes it look easy!  – Maggie Motorboat

Dorian not only has legs for days, but has got the pipes to match!

Wendy Wabbit-– she’s a W-O-M-A-N! She can construct a “Boobie Box” single-handed, serve up with a smile!  She can charm the counter person to upgrade a small Tator Tots to a “Large”! She can strip with sexy sass, while twerking her a**! A veteran Cosplay Princess and now a future burlesque Queen! Great addition to FF Family! – Sophie Rose Bisou

Not only does she do the most adorable mime-strip-tease (with Waffles the Klown) that you’ll ever see, but she’ll serenade your socks off! Dorian is truly an unforgettable performer! – Teaspoon Tilly

“Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting WABBITS!” Wabbs is a gem of a performer. Many don’t get even a glimpse of her saucy awesomeness because she does so much to keep the Follies train going behind the scenes (yeah, you know that show we do, that glittery, sassy monument of a show? It doesn’t go without her), but if you’re lucky, she’ll grace your presence with her sultry moves – and GODDAMN does she give great face! I’m bursting at the seams with excitement for her solo career, so let’s stop hunting Wabbit, catch her on a Bay Area stage near you! – Dorian Dietrich

Wendy – She is a powerhouse behind the scenes and on stage, her dry wit had me at hello!  – Annie Savoy






This month, we thought we’d highlight another “old school/new school” pairing of sultry showgirls. We know you’ve seen them plenty around as core members of several Fishnet Follies Chorus acts– and with those piercing eyes they never get lost in the crowd.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…



Sienna Demure
Dancer: Sienna Demure

Marlena is the very definition of sultry! Make eye contact wth her while she’s performing and she’s sure to make you melt!
– Maggie Motorboat

Sienna Demure? This sweetheart is anything BUT “demure”! Sweet, sassy and super sexy, with a little nerdy when needed-did you see her as my lil’ buddy counterpart in our “Girl Scout Cookies” act? She is so much fun to work with in group and chorus numbers. Waiting for her next solo with baited breathe! Sienna Demure-simply irresistible!
– Sophie Rose Bisou

I can’t say too much about my “Twin Sister from a Different Misters” (formerly Twin Sisters from different Fathers)! I have had the privilege of doing more acts, chorus numbers and duets with this sultry beauty! Marlena Merlot has “Showgirl” style, grace, and elegance as well as, being an explosive firecracker, being  rolled up into one superior package! And that FACE! She always complains she has one look on her face-but it’s the best face! It’s a “I’m going to screw you, punch you in the face and you’re gonna like it and thank me for it” face! Thank God for being “tall” because I have had so much fun standing in the back or on the wings being her mirror! This Follies’ Sister is a BFF for life!
– Sophie Rose Bisou


Sienna is a fierce performer on stage, as well as an incredible sweetheart behind the scenes. I recently discovered for the first time that she also happens to be an amazing singer as well. I am forever excited to see what she’ll come up with next! 
– Maggie Motorboat


Marlena Merlot
Dancer: Marlena Merlot

Marlena is the Jack-of-all-trades!  She knows almost every Follies routine and does it with style.  Our burlesque community is lucky to have such a gem who is always willing to help out whether it’s with a routine, meeting, show, or performance.  She was one of my first burlesque buddies and it is always a pleasure to be around her!  And I know I can’t wait to see her do her first solo!
– Pixie Vanille







HAVE YOU MET… Sweet Belize? Pixie Vanille?


This month, we thought we’d highlight an OG (“Original Gangsta” for the uninitiated) and a relative “newbie” as the perfect wham-bam! combo. And perfect timing, too! You get to see them debut their first-ever duet at The Garter Room!
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…


Sweet Belize is the “cool, sweetness… sweeter and smoother than a Rumpopo over ice”,  of the Fishnet Follies! As one of the enduring OG, she is, and will always be, the ” the calm in the storm”!  Whenever I stress out over a performance, a prop, a costume piece or a “stupid idea” rattling around in my head, she is the one I hear say, “It’s ALL GOOD!”  She answered all my questions as a “Newbie” to the burlesque community. She encouraged me time and time again to just “Go for it!” We have laughed together, shook our heads together “WTF”, and danced our bouttés off together! She brings a special somethin’, somethin’ to our Family that lights up our lives and our stage. Thank you for being my friend Girl! Love you! 
– Sophie Rose Bisou

Oh Pixie! So many great things to say! This follie started not to long ago, but oh boy did she hit the ground running! Having a history of dance Pixie came in with a bang and immediately helped alongside Mynx D’Meanor as a dance capitan. Her positive spirit and willingness to explore possibilities has put her on the fast track to stardom! 
– Frankie Fictitious

This lady is Wonder Woman! Not only is she an OG of the fishnet follies, but she’s also and amazing mother and friend! She has a truly unique style, she combines her love of hip hop and classic burlesque seamlessly. If you haven’t see her yet, you better check out SWEET BELIZE
– Frankie Fictitious

Pixie Vanille has quickly earned her place in our Family, on our stage and in our hearts! The short time I’ve gotten to know her, she can be quiet, but always sweet and fun … she is a true talent.  Lending her skills as a choreographer to the Follies,  she has raised the bar for us all to follow. It will be sheer pleasure to watch her take the burlesque community by storm. I am expecting great things to come her way! 
– Sophie Rose Bisou

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Belize for a long time. She had been fun and encouraging throughout our years of Fishnet Follies together. It’s been great to watch her become such a strong, sexy performer. Don’t miss the chance to see her! 
– Scarlett Peele




Have you met… BIRDIE BY NIGHT?


While some of our fans/friends have seen Birdie around on stage a lot more these days, you may not also *know* her badassery behind the scenes. So let us introduce you to our Fishnet Follies “Cruise Director”…


Birdie by Night, she is not only a silly, warm hearted little bird, but is is also the most intellectual and knowledgable bird I know! She is always willing to lend a helping hand and share her brain power with anyone in need.  – Frankie Fictitious
Birdie is a wealth of information. She is always the first to let us know about important online sales on rhinestones & such. She also informs us when airlines are having specials so we can book our flights to BHoF. She is our own personal concierge!  ~Peek-a-Booty Betty
First of all Birdie came to burlesque from roller derby, so she is literally an ass-kicker. She’s driven, enthusiastic, brilliant, and fun, and she’s such a joy to be around. – June St. Croix
I am so glad I asked Birdie By Night to play sexy Mojo Jojo for our Powerpuff Girsl number this past April at Hubba Hubba Revue. She came in with nothing but the simple Direction of playing Mojo and mind controlling the Powerpuffs and in that role she took it to a whole other level with her ultra sexy costuming and hilarious choreography. She was easily everyone’s favorite part of that number and I am so grateful to work with her on this and so many other projects over the years!  – Maggie Motorboat

Have you met… SOPHIE ROSE BISOU?

Sophie Rose Bisou

She’s near and dear to our hearts. One of the core members of Fishnet Follies. You’ve seen her on stage, in the audience, manning merch tables… and yet, somehow keeps a low profile. So let us introduce you to our “Rose Without Thorns”– 



“She’s a costume creating queen! Not only are her acts brilliant and cleverly detailed throughout -from her costume to the song choice & choreography-, she’s one of the sweetest, most approachable people that still finds time to go above and beyond to help others- not just with costumes! She’s amazing!”  – Sweet Belize


“I love Sophie! Her routines are creative, fun, sultry and,  of course beautifully costumed. She is great to work and collaborate with – always spilling with ideas. Plus she is genuine and caring. All around an amazing woman.”  – Scarlett Peele


“Sophie is an incredible storyteller with fun — and thoughtful — characters; from her very first act as the Barbie who’s happy just the way she is to the sweetest “ugly” duckling and the vengeful voodoo priestess, she brings them to life with incredible detail and a wonderful sense of humor. Her costuming is not only technically amazing and dazzling (“how did she…??”) but always true to the story and the characters she so generously  shares with us on stage. And to paraphrase Gypsy Rose Lee, oh honey, she can cook!” – Birdie by Night




“While obviously a costume genius, Sophie is also a casual cat-toy maker, a casserole maven, and quite the comedienne. You can always count on Ms. Bisou to show up, dance her derrière off, care for (and feed) her fellow dancers, and maybe even sew your knickers, if you’re lucky!”
– Marlena Merlot


“Sophie Rose Bisou, the Bay Areas very own costuming guru. If you have had the pleasure of seeing  Ms. Bisou perform then you too have witnessed her innovative costuming and impeccable story telling. Her bright and lovable personality shines both onstage and behind the scenes. She is the Seamstress extraordinaire of the Fishnet Follies.”
– Frankie Fictitious


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