Have you met… Rebel Rouge? Reyna Del Camino?


One’s a beer-swilling, fashion-designing, former ballerina. One’s a, well, beer-swilling, cake-making, event-planning biker chick. Both unbelievably sweet and dedicated members of our Troupe. You’ll most definitely see a lot more of them in the months to come!   
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…


Rebel – This talented beauty is the epitome of style and grace, and she’s kick-ass costume maker (did you see those chaps?!!). As a former dance instructor, she’s great at explaining and is generously willing to help her fellow troupe members by answering annoying questions (mostly mine…thank you!), giving pointers and demos. Rebel is also always good for a laugh and does a mean Conan-esque jig. She’s a fantastic addition to the FFamily! – Marlena Merlot

Reyna – Our very own biker babe, Reyna is a total badass. I mean, she has an engine tattooed on her arm…. Queen of the road and multitasking, this sassy vixen juggles a million things at a time, demanding work and rehearsal schedules, busting out elaborate wedding cakes, educating unsuspecting menfolk…and she’s great at it all! – Marlena Merlot

Reyna – My glitter sister from day one! Not only is she the Queen of the road, she’s also the queen of red lips and a good time. She has always been an amazing source of support, advice, sass, sparkle, and silly selfies. Love you, girl! – Wendy Wabbit
Rebel – I don’t think I’ve ever met another person that I can geek out about fabric trim with before. From merch tables to sewing machines, Rebel is delightfully fun, passionate, and inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what beautiful things she makes next! – Wendy Wabbit
Reyna – A pleasure to be around, talented and lovely her laughter is contagious! – Annie Savoy
Rebel is not only a seriously classy and sultry showgirl, she is also an amazingly sweet and down-to-earth human being. <3 – Adora Blitz

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