Have you met… Dorian Dietrich? Wendy Wabbit?


This month, we thought we’d highlight two of our newest members who have quickly proven themselves invaluable to our troupe. We know you’ve seen them plenty around on and off stage, and they never get lost in the crowd– just look up! They’re our “Tall-ies”!
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…


Behind the scenes… Left: Wendy Wabbit / Right: Dorian Dietrich


When I saw Dorian perform her solo debut, I knew immediately that she’d take the bay area burlesque scene by storm, and she has gone on to prove me right. She’s come so far in such a short amount of time,  developing so many great acts (some of which that showcase her incredible singing talent as well!) and branching out to perform at shows all around the bay. I am so excited to see her career continue to blossom, and I’m grateful to have made a new and fabulous best friend this year!  – Maggie Motorboat

When I first met Wendy, she spoke to me like she knew me my entire life. Open and welcoming, sweet, goofy, funny, sexy and sassy, all rolled into one adorable Wabbit! – Teaspoon Tilly

Wendy Wabbit is Wonderful. She stage manages with ease and her solo is super sexy smolder. I can’t wait to see more from her! – Scarlett Peele


Wendy Wabbit is a certified badass. As a stage manager,  she runs a very tight ship, and it is a complete joy to work with her! To top it off, she’s an incredibly talented performer. Those two things are not easy to balance, but she sure makes it look easy!  – Maggie Motorboat

Dorian not only has legs for days, but has got the pipes to match!

Wendy Wabbit-– she’s a W-O-M-A-N! She can construct a “Boobie Box” single-handed, serve up with a smile!  She can charm the counter person to upgrade a small Tator Tots to a “Large”! She can strip with sexy sass, while twerking her a**! A veteran Cosplay Princess and now a future burlesque Queen! Great addition to FF Family! – Sophie Rose Bisou

Not only does she do the most adorable mime-strip-tease (with Waffles the Klown) that you’ll ever see, but she’ll serenade your socks off! Dorian is truly an unforgettable performer! – Teaspoon Tilly

“Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting WABBITS!” Wabbs is a gem of a performer. Many don’t get even a glimpse of her saucy awesomeness because she does so much to keep the Follies train going behind the scenes (yeah, you know that show we do, that glittery, sassy monument of a show? It doesn’t go without her), but if you’re lucky, she’ll grace your presence with her sultry moves – and GODDAMN does she give great face! I’m bursting at the seams with excitement for her solo career, so let’s stop hunting Wabbit, catch her on a Bay Area stage near you! – Dorian Dietrich

Wendy – She is a powerhouse behind the scenes and on stage, her dry wit had me at hello!  – Annie Savoy




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