This month, we thought we’d highlight another “old school/new school” pairing of sultry showgirls. We know you’ve seen them plenty around as core members of several Fishnet Follies Chorus acts– and with those piercing eyes they never get lost in the crowd.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…



Sienna Demure
Dancer: Sienna Demure

Marlena is the very definition of sultry! Make eye contact wth her while she’s performing and she’s sure to make you melt!
– Maggie Motorboat

Sienna Demure? This sweetheart is anything BUT “demure”! Sweet, sassy and super sexy, with a little nerdy when needed-did you see her as my lil’ buddy counterpart in our “Girl Scout Cookies” act? She is so much fun to work with in group and chorus numbers. Waiting for her next solo with baited breathe! Sienna Demure-simply irresistible!
– Sophie Rose Bisou

I can’t say too much about my “Twin Sister from a Different Misters” (formerly Twin Sisters from different Fathers)! I have had the privilege of doing more acts, chorus numbers and duets with this sultry beauty! Marlena Merlot has “Showgirl” style, grace, and elegance as well as, being an explosive firecracker, being  rolled up into one superior package! And that FACE! She always complains she has one look on her face-but it’s the best face! It’s a “I’m going to screw you, punch you in the face and you’re gonna like it and thank me for it” face! Thank God for being “tall” because I have had so much fun standing in the back or on the wings being her mirror! This Follies’ Sister is a BFF for life!
– Sophie Rose Bisou


Sienna is a fierce performer on stage, as well as an incredible sweetheart behind the scenes. I recently discovered for the first time that she also happens to be an amazing singer as well. I am forever excited to see what she’ll come up with next! 
– Maggie Motorboat


Marlena Merlot
Dancer: Marlena Merlot

Marlena is the Jack-of-all-trades!  She knows almost every Follies routine and does it with style.  Our burlesque community is lucky to have such a gem who is always willing to help out whether it’s with a routine, meeting, show, or performance.  She was one of my first burlesque buddies and it is always a pleasure to be around her!  And I know I can’t wait to see her do her first solo!
– Pixie Vanille







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