HAVE YOU MET… Sweet Belize? Pixie Vanille?


This month, we thought we’d highlight an OG (“Original Gangsta” for the uninitiated) and a relative “newbie” as the perfect wham-bam! combo. And perfect timing, too! You get to see them debut their first-ever duet at The Garter Room!
Ladies and gentlemen, we present…


Sweet Belize is the “cool, sweetness… sweeter and smoother than a Rumpopo over ice”,  of the Fishnet Follies! As one of the enduring OG, she is, and will always be, the ” the calm in the storm”!  Whenever I stress out over a performance, a prop, a costume piece or a “stupid idea” rattling around in my head, she is the one I hear say, “It’s ALL GOOD!”  She answered all my questions as a “Newbie” to the burlesque community. She encouraged me time and time again to just “Go for it!” We have laughed together, shook our heads together “WTF”, and danced our bouttés off together! She brings a special somethin’, somethin’ to our Family that lights up our lives and our stage. Thank you for being my friend Girl! Love you! 
– Sophie Rose Bisou

Oh Pixie! So many great things to say! This follie started not to long ago, but oh boy did she hit the ground running! Having a history of dance Pixie came in with a bang and immediately helped alongside Mynx D’Meanor as a dance capitan. Her positive spirit and willingness to explore possibilities has put her on the fast track to stardom! 
– Frankie Fictitious

This lady is Wonder Woman! Not only is she an OG of the fishnet follies, but she’s also and amazing mother and friend! She has a truly unique style, she combines her love of hip hop and classic burlesque seamlessly. If you haven’t see her yet, you better check out SWEET BELIZE
– Frankie Fictitious

Pixie Vanille has quickly earned her place in our Family, on our stage and in our hearts! The short time I’ve gotten to know her, she can be quiet, but always sweet and fun … she is a true talent.  Lending her skills as a choreographer to the Follies,  she has raised the bar for us all to follow. It will be sheer pleasure to watch her take the burlesque community by storm. I am expecting great things to come her way! 
– Sophie Rose Bisou

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Belize for a long time. She had been fun and encouraging throughout our years of Fishnet Follies together. It’s been great to watch her become such a strong, sexy performer. Don’t miss the chance to see her! 
– Scarlett Peele




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