Have you met… SOPHIE ROSE BISOU?

Sophie Rose Bisou

She’s near and dear to our hearts. One of the core members of Fishnet Follies. You’ve seen her on stage, in the audience, manning merch tables… and yet, somehow keeps a low profile. So let us introduce you to our “Rose Without Thorns”– 



“She’s a costume creating queen! Not only are her acts brilliant and cleverly detailed throughout -from her costume to the song choice & choreography-, she’s one of the sweetest, most approachable people that still finds time to go above and beyond to help others- not just with costumes! She’s amazing!”  – Sweet Belize


“I love Sophie! Her routines are creative, fun, sultry and,  of course beautifully costumed. She is great to work and collaborate with – always spilling with ideas. Plus she is genuine and caring. All around an amazing woman.”  – Scarlett Peele


“Sophie is an incredible storyteller with fun — and thoughtful — characters; from her very first act as the Barbie who’s happy just the way she is to the sweetest “ugly” duckling and the vengeful voodoo priestess, she brings them to life with incredible detail and a wonderful sense of humor. Her costuming is not only technically amazing and dazzling (“how did she…??”) but always true to the story and the characters she so generously  shares with us on stage. And to paraphrase Gypsy Rose Lee, oh honey, she can cook!” – Birdie by Night




“While obviously a costume genius, Sophie is also a casual cat-toy maker, a casserole maven, and quite the comedienne. You can always count on Ms. Bisou to show up, dance her derrière off, care for (and feed) her fellow dancers, and maybe even sew your knickers, if you’re lucky!”
– Marlena Merlot


“Sophie Rose Bisou, the Bay Areas very own costuming guru. If you have had the pleasure of seeing  Ms. Bisou perform then you too have witnessed her innovative costuming and impeccable story telling. Her bright and lovable personality shines both onstage and behind the scenes. She is the Seamstress extraordinaire of the Fishnet Follies.”
– Frankie Fictitious


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