Have you met… BIRDIE BY NIGHT?


While some of our fans/friends have seen Birdie around on stage a lot more these days, you may not also *know* her badassery behind the scenes. So let us introduce you to our Fishnet Follies “Cruise Director”…


Birdie by Night, she is not only a silly, warm hearted little bird, but is is also the most intellectual and knowledgable bird I know! She is always willing to lend a helping hand and share her brain power with anyone in need.  – Frankie Fictitious
Birdie is a wealth of information. She is always the first to let us know about important online sales on rhinestones & such. She also informs us when airlines are having specials so we can book our flights to BHoF. She is our own personal concierge!  ~Peek-a-Booty Betty
First of all Birdie came to burlesque from roller derby, so she is literally an ass-kicker. She’s driven, enthusiastic, brilliant, and fun, and she’s such a joy to be around. – June St. Croix
I am so glad I asked Birdie By Night to play sexy Mojo Jojo for our Powerpuff Girsl number this past April at Hubba Hubba Revue. She came in with nothing but the simple Direction of playing Mojo and mind controlling the Powerpuffs and in that role she took it to a whole other level with her ultra sexy costuming and hilarious choreography. She was easily everyone’s favorite part of that number and I am so grateful to work with her on this and so many other projects over the years!  – Maggie Motorboat

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